Consultant to enhance and improve the State loans mechanism to benefit women entrepreneurs

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Position: Local Expert

Type of Contract: Service Contract

Duration of Contract: (3 months from the start of the agreement with the possibility of extension)

Base Station: Kyrgyzstan

Access to credit remains a significant barrier for women entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan, hindering their ability to start businesses, invest in production processes, enhance efficiency, and scale operations.

A national program supporting women's entrepreneurship was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers more than two years ago, spanning from 2022 to 2026. The program outlines initiatives such as “providing state loans to women entrepreneurs”, “organizing partnerships with commercial banks to offer low-interest loans without collateral”, and “recommending that banks allocate 30% of their loans to women entrepreneurs”. However, the implementation of this program has faced numerous challenges. The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) of the Kyrgyz Republic has cited insufficient capacity and resources for effectively managing and reporting on the program's progress. Although the government officially supports women with state loans and access to land, unclear procedures and a lack of information about these mechanisms have rendered them largely unused by the intended beneficiaries.

Several key issues contribute to the limited access of women to state loans:

1.       Lack of financial literacy and awareness regarding available support and loan procedures.

2.      Stringent bureaucratic requirements imposed by banks for obtaining state loans.

3.      Many women entrepreneurs are either not formally registered or lack the necessary financial and banking documentation to meet the requirements of banks.

4.      Commercial banks themselves show little interest in lending state loans to small and medium-sized businesses, regardless of gender. As state loans are typically interest-free, banks are reluctant to process applications without receiving a commission.

Therefore, EGED’s objective is to improve the effectiveness of the State Loans Mechanism for women, to be adopted by Government, through technical expertise.


As a minimum requirement, the Consultant will have:

  • Postgraduate degree in Economical Science, Public Policy or closely related financial science field.
  • Previous experience of working with regional/local governments.
  • Knowledge or experience in banking system and State loans mechanisms and civil society development.
  • Excellent understanding of the context and demonstrated experience in expertise of the loan system in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Proven analytical capacities, including for analysing complex political, social and governance issues, including transparency and public accountability.
  • Proven ability to integrate new tools into the loan system mechanism.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and diplomacy skills.
  • Fluency in Russian languages. Knowledge of English is preferrable.


The main purpose of this assignment is to hire an expert to produce Case-study research produced on the effectiveness of the State Loans Mechanism, to be delivered and discussed in a roundtable with relevant policymakers including government/ministry representatives. It would propose the development of an improved and streamlined state loan mechanism tailored to women entrepreneurs. The primary objective is to enhance the effectiveness of the state loan system, with a specific focus on better supporting and benefiting women entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan. Expert consultation is necessary to optimize the structure and functionality of the loan system, aiming to create a more accessible and supportive environment for women in business and provide specific recommendations (that do not require additional funds and are executable) on the development of interest-free/preferential government loans for women entrepreneurs in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The consultant is expected to work with the Project Team. The work consists of research and roundtable to be undertaken be based on the following tasks:

Activity 1: Research

Provision of Context:

  • Analysis of the current situation on women's entrepreneurship in the Kyrgyz Republic: adopted legislation, government programs, donor programs, programs of banks and micro-credit organizations.
  • Analysis of existing state loan mechanism (what government preferential/interest-free loans are available and for what types of businesses) for women entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan by identifying its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, what kind of procedures exist and why it doesn’t work up to date, and how it should be used in favor of women.
  • Identification of main “bottleneck” barriers and difficulties that face women entrepreneurs when applying for loans, investments, grants also in terms of access to preferential, interest-free financing.
  • Raise successful and unsuccessful cases of preferential, interest-free financing mechanisms of women entrepreneurs in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Identify and mapping of Key actors:

  • Mapping of stakeholders, including civil society, government officials, banks and financial institutions, and women entrepreneurs.
  • Gather insights on diverse perspectives and experiences to inform recommendations.

Data Analysis:

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of relevant data, including loan disbursement and repayment trends, demographic information, and success stories.
  • Development and approval of an interview questionnaire form, on the basis of which interviews with clients will be conducted.
  • Conducting a quantitative study using a survey method and filling out an interview questionnaire with 200 women entrepreneurs from all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Conducting a qualitative study using in-depth interviews with 20 women entrepreneurs from whole country who created and run their own businesses and applied for loans, investments, and grants.
  • Providing a report on the results of a sociological study and extracting actionable insights to guide improvements.
  • Research global and regional best practices in supporting women entrepreneurs through State loan mechanisms.

Development of Recommendations:

  • Produce concrete, implementable, simple solutions, and practical recommendations in the field of access of women entrepreneurs to preferential, interest-free loans.
  • Propose adjustments to policies, procedures, and criteria to better cater to the needs of women entrepreneurs.
  • Presentation of the research results and recommendations at a meeting of the Advisory Council for the Development of Women's Entrepreneurship under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as to a wide circle (through the Coalition and other women's business associations).

Suggest Capacity Building and Awareness Raisings:

  • Provide guidance on capacity-building measures for relevant institutions to implement recommended changes effectively.
  • Include training programs or support systems to empower women entrepreneurs in accessing and utilizing state loans.
  • Realize the awareness raising activity with publication of materials in the State loan procedures for women entrepreneurs. The use of data-evidence, during the research and publication of materials should be as main principle.

Design a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

  • Design a framework for ongoing monitoring and evaluation to measure the impact of recommended changes.
  • Develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress and success.

Activity 2: Roundtable

  • Organize a roundtable discussion that brings together the researchers, government officials, and CSOs. This discussion will focus on exploring the implications of the case study research findings and brainstorming potential policy changes or improvements to the State Loans Mechanism based on the research recommendations to be presented at the roundtable.

Deliverables should be provided according to the schedule below.

  • Activity 1: Case-study Research (draft), 20 March 2024
  • Activity 1: Case-study Research (final version), 30 April 2024 
  • Activity 2: Roundtable, 30 April 2024


The following package of documents should be sent to the email address: by February 16, 2024.

  • CV and references
  • Brief summary of their proposed approach to the assignment
  • Price quotation and simple breakdown for the services detailed within

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