Peace & Development Officer

Published: 25.01.2021 09:34:39
Deadline: 05.02.2021 23:59:59 The deadline for applications has expired
Salary: According to the interview results
Location: Bishkek
Type of involvement: full time

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Common information


Violent conflict has surged in recent years, and in 2016, more countries experienced violent conflict than at any time in nearly 30 years. While the complex relationship between conflict, security and development is increasingly understood, international assistance and investment in conflict prevention have remained relatively low. At the same time, approaches to preventing conflict have been refined considerably, as policy and practice on peacebuilding have evolved – and the UN, its Member States and other partners are increasingly looking to prevention as a critical strategy for sustaining peace and nurturing development. Conflict prevention is increasingly recognised as a rational and cost-effective strategy for countries at risk of violence and for the international community.

The joint UNDP-DPPA programme on building national capacities for conflict prevention has made a ground-breaking contribution in bridging the gap between political engagement and development assistance in pursuit of preventing conflict and sustaining peace. In its new phase (2019-2023), the Joint UNDP-DPPA Programme will further strengthen the analytical capacities of national stakeholders and the UN system in support of Member States’ efforts to advance policy and programmatic coherence on conflict prevention and support strategies for sustaining peace.

The deployment of Peace and Development Advisors and has been the primary instrument of the Joint Programme to provide capacity for Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams to support national partners in dialogue and national or local mediation processes, the establishment and operationalization of national infrastructures and mechanisms for peace; and other initiatives aimed at sustaining peace. There are currently 49 PDA positions across the globe. 

In an effort to ensure that PDAs are better equipped and empowered to deliver on their mandates, the Joint Programme has established in a number of contexts small ‘Peace and Development teams’ where a national Peace and Development Officer provides reinforced capacity to the PDA’s engagement in support of the RCOs and UNCTs in the area of conflict prevention and sustaining peace.

The Officer works under the direct supervision of the international Peace and Development Specialist (Advisor)  and will support him/her  in provision of strategic and analytical advice, reporting and support to the UN Resident Coordinator (RC), UNDP, UNCT, and DPPA. The National PDA works closely also with the PBF Secretariat and the PBF Joint Steering Committee in Kyrgyzstan) on peacebuilding and conflict prevention interventions in the country.

Qualification requirements

Required Skills and Experience


  • Advanced university degree (Master’s Degree) in political science, sociology, international relations, international economics, law, public administration, or other related social sciences. In lieu of an Advanced degree, a Bachelor university degree with 2 additional years of experience can be accepted.


  • Minimum of 2 years of progressively responsible experience in conflict analysis, development and/or conflict prevention in a governmental, multilateral or civil society organization;
  • Extensive experience in analysis, research and sound drafting skills;
  • Experience in project/programme development, management
  • Experience in national and community-level conflict prevention and peacebuilding initiatives and programming;
  • In-depth knowledge of and extensive experience in Kyrgyzstan, including in dialogue and conflict prevention initiatives; and awareness and familiarity of key actors and stakeholders across the political, economic, and development spheres alongside knowledge of government, civil society, and other non-state actors.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Russian;
  • Knowledge of Kyrgyz is an asset.


Duties and Responsibilities

The Peace and Development Officer works under the direct supervision of the PDA to provide substantive support in three main areas of activity, including:

  1. Assist on research, information-gathering and analysis with specific focus on supporting and promoting peacebuilding and conflict prevention;  
  2. Identify entry-points and support inclusive and conflict-sensitive approaches in efforts to build national capacities for conflict prevention, particularly with regard to civil society, including women’s and youth networks;
  3. Provide technical support for coordination, partnerships and M&E;

Under the direct supervision of the PDA, the main duties and responsibilities of the PDO will include:

  1. Assisting on research, information-gathering and analysis with specific focus on supporting and promoting peacebuilding and conflict prevention;  
  • Gather and process data and information relevant to the UN’s role and activities in Kyrgyzstan and the sub-region as relevant, with specific focus on supporting and promoting peacebuilding, social cohesion, conflict prevention and sustainable development;
  • Support the PDA in undertaking political, political economy and/or conflict analysis, monitoring the situation in the country, and reporting of issues related to peace and security, including through analysis of local sources;
  • Carry out and coordinate research on particular issues, including but not limited to the following thematic areas:
  • Prevention of violent extremism
  • Cross-border conflicts
  • Inter-ethnic tensions
  • Conflicts related to foreign investment, especially related to the extractive industry
  • Potential protests against the government related to elections, low trust in the state and the low effectiveness of the state, corruption, weak rule of law, political interference in the judiciary, high levels of youth unemployment
  • The role of religion in public life
  • Political, horizontal and social inequalities
  • Shared civic identity
  • Increased social resentment due to economic vulnerability and poverty
  • A growing fragmentation in society (inter-ethnic, secular and religious, north-south, rural-urban, inter-generational divides) and a widening gap in values and perspectives
  1. Identifying entry-points and support inclusive and conflict-sensitive approaches in efforts to build national capacities for conflict prevention, particularly with regard to civil society, including women’s and youth networks;
  • Work alongside the PDA to assist the UNRC and UNCT members in identifying areas of programmatic engagement with national stakeholders related to social cohesion, dialogue, conflict prevention and consensus building; and contribute to the development of conflict-sensitive approaches;
  • Under the guidance of the PDA and overall direction of the UNRC, support the exploration of entry points with key national counterparts including the Government and civil society;
  • Advise on mainstreaming conflict-sensitive approaches; including provision of training to UN Country Team staff and key national partners on conflict analysis, conflict prevention and/or conflict-sensitive development;
  • Undertake mappings and analysis with civil society actors’ (including youth, women, and marginalized groups) capacities for conflict prevention/ peacebuilding at local and national level, using the exercise to inform the support provided by the PDA, as well as UNRC and UNCT throughout the duration of the assignment;
  • Support the PDA in the engagement with national and local stakeholders, focusing particularly on engaging with civil society actors at local level and academia, to help link local initiatives to national-level institutions, structures and processes, as well as reinforcing dialogue between government and civil society and/or people-to-people dialogues.
  1. Provide technical support for coordination, partnerships and M&E;
  • Support the external coordination of existing partnerships between stakeholders (government, civil society, private sector and the international community, including the UN system).
  • In close collaboration with the PDA and the Joint Programme Secretariat, support monitoring and evaluation function, including collecting, processing and analyzing data in the framework of peace and development team workplan;
  • Support knowledge management and sharing of good practices on conflict prevention and peacebuilding; ensure that stories and lessons learned are shared with the Joint Programme Secretariat; and respond to specific requests for information; and
  • Perform an array of duties that support UN coordination and effective Peace and Development Team programme implementation. These may include: assisting in organizing meetings and consultations, organizing and implementing consultation processes with national and international partners.

About company

ПРООН является глобальной сетью ООН в области развития. Она выступает в поддержку преобразований и предоставляет странам доступ к источникам знаний, опыту и ресурсам в целях содействия улучшению жизни людей. Мы работаем в 177 странах, в том числе в Кыргызстане, взаимодействуя с ними в выработке их собственных решений по проблемам глобального и национального развития.

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