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Published: 09.09.2019 10:48:02
Deadline: 16.09.2019 23:59:59 The deadline for applications has expired
Salary: According to the interview results
Location: Bishkek
Type of involvement: full time

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Common information

Company Overview

Palladium is a global leader in the design, development and delivery of Positive Impact - the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value. We work with foundations, investors, governments, corporations, communities and civil society to formulate strategies and implement solutions that generate lasting social, environmental and financial benefits.

Project Overview and Role

Funded by DFID from 2016 to 2020, the Governance in Action/S2JK programme addresses political issues that constrain inclusive growth. The programme employs an iterative and adaptive management approach, which allows for experimentation and greater chances of gaining political traction. The use of an issues-based approach aims to target citizens’ priority needs whilst simultaneously strengthening governance mechanisms.

S2JK supports the Kyrgyz Parliament, Government and Business community to develop policies, strategies and action plans to address constraints or trigger innovations that could lead to economic development/transformation in selected sectors/industries (e.g. tourism; fruit & veg; textiles & garments) for demonstration (learning and evidencing) purposes. As well as providing economic policy advice (research, analysis and recommendations), the S2JK team supports the formation of ‘issue-based’ coalitions comprised of parliamentarians, government officials and business associations, to use this policy advice as the basis for developing related policies, strategies and action plans, mostly through formal mechanisms within the parliament or the government, and driven by the members of the coalitions.

In support of the work of these coalitions, S2JK has also supported the strengthening of a Business Council within the Kyrgyz Parliament. This is one of six such ‘business councils’ which together cover all the key entry points facilitating mutually beneficial economic relations between foreign governments and businesses in Kyrgyzstan.  S2JK currently supports the Secretariat by paying for the salaries of its staff and the services they provide to the Council. The Business Council currently serves three main functions:

1.     As a service provider of economic policy advice: research, analysis, recommendations

2.     As a platform for voice and dialogue between key stakeholders on business issues

3.     As an entry point for establishment and membership of working committees in the Kyrgyz Parliament – committees which have a formal mandate to develop national policies, strategies and action plans – and therefore critical to S2JK coalitions.

There is the possibility, given its strategic role, that the Business Council could become sustainable after S2JK project ends. Currently, the complete withdrawal of donor support, now or later, poses a significant challenge to the viability of the Council.

Qualification requirements


Successful candidate will have the following skills/competencies:

  • Good knowledge of working with or through at least one (preferably more than one) business council
  • Excellent written English, with the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly
  • Knowledge of Kyrgyzstan or a similar context is preferred
  • Experience of writing business cases and/or organisational change approaches


S2JK is seeking a suitable individual, or team, of independent experts with (a working knowledge of business councils in general, but also (if possible, preferable) of the function of business councils in Kyrgyzstan / Central Asia. A working knowledge of this particular Business Council could be gained either through engagement with the S2JK team during the analysis, or through inclusion of an S2JK team member to form a team to conduct the analysis.


1.     Assess and analyse the recent history and current status of the Business Council in the Kyrgyz Parliament, and its Secretariat, within the broader context of the six business councils existing in Kyrgyzstan, including its relationship to them.  Reflect on the following:

  • Relationship between S2Jk supported coalitions and the Business Council
  • Council as a body providing policy advise
  • Dependency of the Business community on the Council as a platform for voice and dialogue between key stakeholders on business issues
  • Dependency of the Business community on the Council as an entry point for establishment and membership of working committees in the Kyrgyz Parliament on business issues

2.     Analyse similar institutions in other countries

3.     Help form vision, mission, and establish goals. Within this, define the function of the Council:

  • As envisaged by the Parliament
  • As envisaged by the Business community
  • As envisaged by S2JK team and donor partners
  • As envisaged by the Kyrgyz government
  • As envisaged by the other business councils

4.           Establish the Council Charter and Bylaws

5.           Identify funding sources and different funding scenarios

6.           Prepare development timeline

7.           Prepare a business case for the Council if deemed sustainable


Interested candidates should submit a 1-2 page proposal on their approach to this work and experience of doing similar pieces to: before the deadline.

About company

Компания «Палладиум» реализует Программу «Управление в действии»--Программу по содействию Жогорку Кенешу Кыргызской Республики (S2JK), работая в тесном взаимодействии с Парламентом Кыргызской Республики, негосударственными субъектами и Правительством страны для решения проблем, препятствующих инклюзивному экономическому росту.

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